Shows I can’t stop watching

So as a grad student, you’d think I’d have zero free time to keep up with any shows. However, thanks to duel monitor setups, I’m able to have some shows on while I work. I know some people find this super distracting — but for me it’s a controlled distraction. I typically pick shows I’ve either seen before or are ones I’d be ok if I didn’t give it my full attention. But there are a few that I try to make time for during breaks, because they’re just that good.

The Good Place

If you haven’t heard of The Good Place by now… Well, that’s frankly pretty impressive. In it’s third season now, it feels like everyone is talking about this show. And for very good reason. Everything in this show just clicks. Good writing, interesting premise, and a cast that truly gels. Seasons 1-2 are on Netflix, and the most recent 5 episodes of Season 3 are on Hulu. It is a forking amazing show you should definitely check out.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Moved to NBC for it’s 6th season after FOX decided to dump it, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a gem of a show. Honestly, I wrote it off for a long time because of how FOX advertised it. It seemed just… stupid. I had absolutely no interest in a just stupid humor for the sake of stupid humor. But this show is done so well. Is some of the humor dumb? Yeah, but it does’t feel forced or inauthentic to the spirit of the show and characters. Both Nine-Nine and The Good Place were created by Michael Schur — who also co-created The Office and Parks and Recreation.

New Amsterdam & The Resident

So I’m pairing these two new medical dramas together, because frankly, after the holiday break I had a hard time keeping not only their plot lines straight, but who was on which cast. They’re both shows about “rebel” doctors who fight against a corrupt medical system. But one definitely focuses more on the young “sexy” cast and the other has (still attractive but) almost more human feeling characters.

The Rookie

Man do I love Nathan Fillion. Yes, when they were announcing this show I was skeptical. “Really, Nathan, another cop show right after Castle ended?” But The Rookie has been great. For anyone who has felt too old to go after their dreams or make big life changes, Officer John Nolan is right there with us pushing through.

What are your current “must watch” shows? Any other shows you’d suggest for me?