Oh, hi March.

I know February is a short month, but OOF.


  • Start brainstorming my trip to Europe – Nope. But I did start today!
  • Actually develop a writing schedule and stick with it – OOF. Also nope. My theory midterm and GA conference took over, and my thesis got put on the back burner.
  • Two 5-mile rides per week – Nope. I started well, then felt sick, then midterms happened…
  • Weekly blog posts – And another nope. I had two posts last month.
  • Clean the fish tank – *facepalm* My poor fish. I did order a small tank with a lid so I could house him while I deep clean his big tank.
  • 28-Day Challenge: Continue the 20/20 on my precis – Yes, but only because I still owe 2. Meet my morning Noom goals – NOPE. I’m kind of not liking the Noom program. Check in on my Q1 Holiday Council goals – Also nope; time slipped by.

Ouch. Just typing it all out… just.. ouch. I did at least finish my midterm, survive my GA department’s conference, and did well for a class presentation. So, not a fail. Just priorities shifted fast.


  • Complete 75% of my thesis. This is a MASSIVE task, but one that has to be done.
  • Finalize my CV and apply to 3 jobs. I’ve found one that I’m so excited for, and will continue to look for more over spring break.
  • Outline my Europe trip. I have an idea of how the trip is going to go, but need to work out the details with my folks.
  • Weekly blog post and twice weekly bike rides. Going to pick this back up and hope I can stick with it.
  • Not miss any assignments for my classes. Since I’ll be doubling down on my thesis, this is going to mean long days of academics. Last thing I need is to slip on precis or assigned readings.
  • Not rush my upcoming new side project. I’ve got a little project I’m going to work on, but it’s definitely a SIDE project. I mostly just want it to pay for itself and be a little creative outlet. (Jewelry was fun, and I’ll likely continue with that later on, but as part of a smaller shop I’m looking at opening next year.)

Frankly, because my thesis is going to take most of my energy and focus — and is such a large task to complete — I don’t plan on overloading myself with other goals. Mostly I want to make it through this month on good footing for finishing my last semester.

How are your goals going? Keeping up? Overwhelmed?