Oh hey, what’s new?

Middle of the month and I’ve been kind of off social media for a couple weeks now. Only small things, really. I’ll admit, a lot of my avoidance of social media was because of the GOT premiere. Now that I’m caught up there… let’s catch up here.

1.My hair is getting so. long. I’ve decided not to cut it until after my thesis defense — which is now scheduled for September… But… I might need a little trim and shaping before then. I mean, look at that top knot! Something I’ve never been able to really do before! Still trying to figure out what to do with my hair, but it’s been fun having this change.

2. While I sort of planned on maybe being more conservative with my time on Twitch… I’m now more involved! Along with modding for Lucid, I’m also modding for fellow Team Catalyst member, Fhaelin. (So I’m now modding for 6 partnered streamers!)

3. After an AMAZING time with Molly of Stratejoy talking about expectations.. I’m realizing I was holding my trip to Europe up to other people’s standards. As much as I want it to be this amazing travel experience and totally instagram worthy… I’m also realizing that I would be just as happy mainly staying in England, rather than being on the go for my entire 3 weeks, and maybe getting a room out in the English countryside… We’ll see what happens as we get closer to June. But whatever this trip turns out to be — it’s just going to be mine.

4. There are TWO weeks left of the semester — and while I don’t want to jinx things — things… are almost falling in place? I’m just kind of giving over the reigns and trusting. Still being active, of course, but trusting that whatever comes next, things will work out. That I’m strong enough, skilled enough, and just ready to tackle whatever life has in store for me next.

5. The past few weeks have been kind of the most amazing and beautiful whirlwind. And I cannot wait to share things with you soon.

Tell me, what’s new with you?