May Goals

The semester is practically over! Still weird to think about being done with classes, “for good.” (aka for this degree.)

While, technically April is the beginning of Quarter 2 — May is sort of the start of that for me, thanks to semester scheduling.

Anyway, let’s look at my April Goal…


  • Low Spend/No Spend. … I tried. And outside of a couple pieces, I didn’t really buy that much. But.. there was the date. And maybe a couple gift subscriptions on Twitch… And a couple trips for fast food… So it wasn’t a complete win, but also not a complete fail either.

May is going to be a big time… as it’s my last major bit of freedom before my vacation. And there’s a lot I should be doing..


  • Take donations to the women’s shelter & goodwill. I’ve been continuing to declutter and just get rid of things that I’m not using. Choosing to drop things off at the women’s shelter first, and whatever is left will just get taken to goodwill.
  • Establish thesis hours. I need to get 2 chapters, minimum, drafted this month. Definitely do-able. Definitely important.
  • Apply to jobs. Lots of jobs. The last day of my assistantship is the 3rd, and so, yeah, a job is very important.

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but those last two will consume most of my attention. I also have a creative project with a friend I’m hosting — so I’m looking forward to that. And I plan on streaming a little more this month. Maybe trying to figure out a schedule now that classes are done.

And as I apply for jobs, I’m also scouting out apartments. That’s been.. fun. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m not really worried either.

How have was your April? Did you keep up with your goals?