June Goals

Looking back at May, I keep struggling to even figured out what happened this last month. Having a break from grad school work turned into a fierce struggle to find an apartment for July. And then dealing with health… Anyway.


  • Take donations to the women’s shelter & goodwill. Nope. lol I’ve mainly been collecting more things to donate, even from my mom as well. Come July, we’ll have a nice pile of stuff to bring over.
  • Establish thesis hours. Also no. I did not touch my thesis at all this month.
  • Apply to jobs. Lots of jobs. Kind of yes? I applied to a handful of jobs. And found A LOT.


  • Not go broke. Yep. That’s pretty much my main focus. I have one potential job lined up.. and just waiting to get that all confirmed. Applying to more jobs, but with being gone for pretty much all of June, it’ll be pretty tight.
  • Enjoy England. I’m looking forward to a few weeks with my family, and just relaxing and taking in a new place.
  • Not be too awkward about my birthday. Birthdays have been weird for me. Not because I don’t like them — I do, I just… haven’t had good luck at having birthday parties or gatherings or anything… So I try not to get my hopes up about them. But birthday in England? I’m ok with that.

How did your May turn out? What are you looking forward to in June?