11 Year Blogiversary + Some Reflections

It’s late into the evening, I’m relaxing on my bed, listening to a twitch stream after a kind of emotional discussion with a friend about our upcoming travel plans this week to San Diego.

And suddenly I notice on my phone’s calendar: It’s my blogiversary.

While I may have been blogging for 18 years, I’ve spent 11 of those years here. And while my post frequency has definitely waned a lot of over these last few years, this space still means something to me. It’s something I do really see me not doing. It’s kind of weird to think about all of the people that I’ve met, friends that I have made, opportunities that I’ve had — all because of this blog. I’m still friends with some of the people from those early years, which for someone who’s kind of a hermit and feels like they’re bad at friendships, means a lot to me.

July 2012 – Nintendo’s WiiU Experience in Chicago (I’m holding the Goomba in the back)

Blogging had it’s hayday, and I jumped in full force back then. It’s something where I wonder now, “has my life actually gotten that boring that I have nothing to write?” Which, I wouldn’t say that. I spent almost a month this summer in England. In two days I fly off to spend a long weekend at a beach house with 14 other people for TwitchCon. Has most of my life been grad school these last few years? Yes. But there’s been some amazing times. I guess the thing that has changed is me. (Which, duh, of course I have.) Rather than share everything here, it’s been mostly on Instagram. I’m sharing my life in different ways — and as a personal blogger, it’s felt weird to essentially reiterate what I’ve already put out there.

So where does that leave me?

Well, not leaving this blog, of course. I’ve already stated that. But I definitely do want to find my “thing.” In other early days, 10+ years ago, it felt like personal blogging was easier. Granted, we were also almost all in our young to mid-20s, which is a massively transformative time in one’s life. Now that I’ve promptly settled into adulthood and my 30s, maybe my life is a little boring in that sense? It feels like those who have stuck around in the personal blogging sphere ended up focusing or mildly niche-ing a bit.

Kate has Cleveland. Stephany has books. Abby has writing. Terra has travel. Erin‘s always been about food. And me? I guess I never really knew what my thing was. Fail dates? Being awkward? Now, you could say it was grad school — but that’s almost done.

I’ve been contemplating a rebrand for a little while now. Even bought the URL. If I can get twitch to make the change, I think I’ll flip the switch. It’s not a huge change, and I’ll likely keep the design and new colors that are currently in place. But a new name that maybe fits more with how I feel about everything.