My Holiday Top Five Desired Gifts

Creating holiday gift round-up posts are typically super fun. And this year has been, however, as I sat trying to think of things I really wanted or could really use… my list is kind of short this year. Mostly? If I could pick anything it’d be an office out of the house to write my thesis, and my car insurance paid off for the next six months and my plates renewed. Or both credit cards paid off… Things that would make amazing gifts, but kind of feel too large to ask for.

However, I did indeed come up with 5 items that I would absolutely love to have — all but one you can find on my Stream.Gifts list.

  1. An HP Sprocket (or other portable mobile printer). I almost bought one of these before my trip to England… I love the idea of being able to select photos from my phone, and then print them as 2×3 inch stickers I could place in my journal. In hindsight, I wish I would have… But, I feel moving forward this would be a fun addition to my journaling habits.
  2. Sennheiser open-back over the ear headphones. My current headphones’ pads are flaking off and are absolutely frustrating. I know I can buy new pads and replace them, but then it’s just a countdown until this happens again. I’d rather just get headphones where this wouldn’t be an issue. There are other brands that I’d be interested in as well, but this is what’s on the list for now.
  3. Sims 4 packs! I’ve gotten back into a Sims kick, and am absolutely LOVING building and designing homes. I have a few packs, but am eyeing a bundle with Island Living, Strangerville, and Vintage Glamour. (If anyone’s interested in feeding my habit, my EA Origins name is Adorkable613 — you should also check out my houses in the gallery!)
  4. The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen. I found this via Instagram, and it is something that I want to incorporate into my new Thanksgiving traditions: financially supporting Native charities and businesses. Food is also my other passion, both as a hobby and academically; so my interest in this book is pretty deep!
  5. A weighted blanket. I normally sleep fairly well, but I would absolutely love one of these to just give some added comfort. I have no idea the amount of weight I should go for, but 12-18lbs, form what it seems, is a standard weight. Given how quickly I’ll fall asleep with a large cat on me, I’m hoping this brings that kind of comfort. (Throw in some extra firm pillows, and I’d be a happy sleeper!)

Kind of a simple list, but items I think I would get a lot of enjoyment and use out of. There’s still plenty of other things on my Stream.Gifts list, for myself and the cats. (500lbs of Sour Patch Kids anyone?) To be further out of debt, further into my thesis, and just take off some of those “adult” worries would be amazing… but I know those will come in time.

What’s on your top 5 holiday gift list?