A new year, another BuJo attempt

So I’ve attempted a Bullet Journal a few times… (like this, this, this, and this one.) And if I’ve discovered anything the traditional idea of what a “bullet journal” is, just isn’t for me. But it doesn’t keep me from being drawn to them.

It’s the visual appeal, frankly. I’ve been an avid journal-er since before middle school, and planner since at least high school. However, the bullet journal system tries to mesh both of those systems into one. Sort of. It almost completely omits the longer, freeform part of journaling that I have loved for so long.

So rather than creating what has become to be known as a “bullet journal” — I’m taking inspiration from these spreads and creating a new journal for myself.

I wish it had a fancy and catchy name. Honestly, it’s almost like paper blogging. I’m involving covers, spaces to collect short highlights, goals, gratitude. I haven’t decided about tracking yet. I’ve left some space for it for this month, but I’m not sure if it’s something I want to do. Mainly this is because I’m not sure there’s anything I want to track specifically.

Last year, I only had basic, minimalist monthly covers.

2019 Monthly Journal Headers

For 2020… I decided to get a new journal, start fresh, and add a little more for each month.

At the beginning of the book, I have a spot for short highlights. Things from the year I want to remember. They can be memories, a feeling, a quote, event… Anything. I am not doing year-long goals at the beginning of the book. I do have a small space set for monthly goals. I am not giving them too much space or focus because I want to make sure goals that I set are attainable. I believe they call these S.M.A.R.T. goals? But mainly I do not want this book to be a shining beacon of things I never finished.

2020 Journal Headers

I’m sticking with simple and somewhat minimalist. I’m using my mildliners to add some color, but the last thing I want to do is feel that I cannot journal because I need to have a whole bag of supplies with me. All I need is my faithful Pilot G-2 gel pen (07 width).

After the monthly pages… it goes directly into journaling. I won’t add the next month’s cover until I’m through with the current month. Occasionally, I will be using some journal prompts to help my reflections. I have no idea if I’ll fill the whole book in one year, or in 7 months and have to sort out some kind of partial book or multi-year book system. And who knows, maybe I’ll abandon this system too. So far, straight up stream-of-thought journaling works the best for me — so why change too far from it? But for now, I’m enjoying this new form and small outlet for creativity. (And I’m enjoying discussing it on my discord with others who BuJo! I’ve also created a tarot area as well.)

How does your journal look for 2020? Bullet Journaling or more free-flow?