Reclaiming Dinner

Last month I started feeling burnt out. Not necessarily unusual, to be honest. However I wanted to see if maybe a break from the internet would help. Sadly the break did the exact opposite — it left me feeling isolated from my communities, so I quit after a couple days.

I did, though, realize there are small ways I can take time for myself without completely disconnecting from everything.

Each night, I take 45-60 minutes off from work, social media, Twitch, emails… all of it. This is my time to eat dinner and take some time for myself. It’s a practice I’m hoping to continue for a while, especially if I have a family — or a roommate who doesn’t isolate themselves to their room. Since it is just myself right now, I have zero problems with having music playing, watching a show or movie, or reading a book.

This practice hasn’t been easy every night. And I assume it will become more difficult in the weeks coming when my work launches our new season of shows in the evening. With that in mind, I’m giving myself the freedom to bend the “no work or Twitch during dinner” portion, and for that hour I’ll observe our shows while having my dinner, but try to limit my actions to those necessary.

It’s a really small thing, but I’ve been enjoying it. It’s a time to enjoy a show uninterrupted. A time I can take to journal. A time to just… have the weight off my shoulders for a while. And I’m grateful to friends who are aware of this practice who have respected my time off, and been extremely encouraging. If I ate breakfast more consistently, I’d likely take that to myself as well — though maybe not a full hour. Maybe one day, all of my meals will be disconnected. But for now, I’m grateful to have my dinners.