Making it a home. (Photowall review)

When I moved to my new apartment, it gave me the opportunity to take an audit of all of my things. To downsize. This was especially true since I was moving into a much smaller apartment — about half the size, really.

Getting the layout of the rooms, honestly wasn’t as big of a challenge as I thought it might. It took a little tweaking, but things fell into place and just… suddenly it felt like home. A big part of that, was the small personal touches. Getting things up on the walls.

I don’t know about you — but I’m not really a huge fan of bare walls. I think it’s something I picked up from my grandma. I find it a little funny because I do love Scandinavian style, which is often more minimalistic. But there’s a way of having things up and not have them feel so cluttered. Selecting statement pieces to highlight and differentiate areas.

When Photowall reached out to me, I was beyond excited. I had one wall I couldn’t sort out. One wall that was just … not complete. I had photos, I had large art pieces… but none of them were right. I didn’t want to do another collage wall opposite of a collage wall… and my large art pieces were all vertical in orientation, which… just wasn’t right.

Photowall is a Swedish company that specializes in beautiful wallpapers and murals — but also in canvases and posters. Everything is printed to order, which means yes, you can have custom prints! This isn’t just for the canvases or framed prints — that’s wallpapers and murals, too. Talk about a game changer.

Honestly, if I wasn’t renting, I would have 100% done an amazing print wallpaper on that whole wall. Some big bold statement wall… Florals or botanicals, maybe some kind of print in a vivid color… or a natural scene… something in watercolors… Photowall has it all.

As much as I love all of those… again, renting, so not an option.

I’ve had canvas prints before. I do love them. But… it didn’t feel like the right piece for this. So, instead I went for a poster with a smoked ash wooden hanger. When it arrived, I was worried it was too large… but that was just the extra packaging. Making sure everything arrived to me safely. The hanger came with the tools to get it put up, including a nice nail.

Seeing it on the wall… it was perfect. It was 100% what this wall needed, what this home needed. Over the thousands and thousands of prints they have… this one… this one was perfectly me.

You get the option of with or without a border, to move the piece within the frame. It’s more than just picking the size you need. And when I said there are thousands of prints — there are thousands of prints.

If you’re ready to lose hours going through all that they have to offer, please be my guest! And, as an added bonus, for the next 30 days, Photowall is offering my readers a 25% discount on all orders using code: adorkableme2021. I cannot recommend them enough and hope that I get a place where I can finally get their wallpapers. (Instagramable walls, yes please!)

Check them out! Let me know what your favorite prints or murals are!

I received a free product and discount code from them in return for sharing their company with you. All thoughts and opinions are my own.