Short Story Combo Pack

Thank you so much for supporting and checking out my writing!

You can download the stories individually, or as one zipped file. Up to you, whatever’s easiest. If you’re on a tablet/mobile device, at least with iOS, you should be able to open these with some sort of app — but you might have to get Bluefire Reader.

Anway, thanks again and I hope you enjoy!

Short story combo pack – all three in one file: ShortStoryCombo

Individual stories:

Chaperon – Originally based on Perrault’s Red Riding Hood. Is the base and inspiration for my (hopefully if I can find an artist) upcoming comic series.

Salt Flats – A more “experimental” piece, you could say. I might not say, but it’s sort of a reaction I’ve gotten from this piece in the past in workshops.

Teams – An exercise in dialogue.