One Sketch a Day

So, I bought this journal, One Sketch a Day.  Seems simple enough.

It’s an interesting challenge, do something creative (ie. sketch) once a day, in this little journal, for 365 days.  Preferably consecutively.

So here I am, giving it a shot.  You can too.

If you’re interested in joining me in this journey, just drop me a line! (dork{at}adorkableme{dot}com)  Create a tag or category — some form of organizing your posts, so we can click and jump to all of your posts at once.  Send me your link!  I’ll post it here.

I’ve got a badge for you too… that nifty little one up there.  Link it back here, okay?  Either save it and put it in yourself… or copy past the code below:


Erini CS – adorkable me (aka ME!)