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Hi. I’m Erini, and I’m a design student.  I’m also broke.

I took a risk, and now I’m in portfolio school.  And I’m loving it.
However, as much as I love my school, I can’t afford it.  I can’t get a loan and there’s (currently*) no financial aid.  It’s been through the generous donations of friends and strangers that I’ve been able to get this far.   But I still need help.

This is not “Erini wants to take some classes”, this is “Erini wants to take her career seriously and take her work to the next level”.  This is “Erini wants to follow her dreams”… while drowning myself in poster, logo design, and more marker comps than I even want to count.  And like I said, I love it.  Help me stay keep this.

By donating, you’re allowing to put more focus on my school work rather than me worrying how I’m going to pay for tuition. 

You can also send me design books.  They’re extremely useful tools, but not in the budget.

I also take food donations.  It’s nice not having to worry about groceries.  (They kitties also take food & treat donations.)

Click here to donate.

If you’re in Chicago, hire me as your intern or personal assistant or secretary… or whatever title you want to give me.  All I ask is that my schedule be flexible. 

I have experience in food & drink service, retail, retail management, administrative assistance, marketing, web design, social media, blogging, nannying, radio, pr, tv & film, journalism, teaching/tutoring… I can do a lot.

I’ll even wear your logo/brand and be a human billboard for you.

Want to help? Get in touch with me: dork [at] adorkableme [dot] com