the adorkable life (a list)

I’ve never really wanted to create a life list. To me, it’d just end up being a “things I never got done” list and a “man, now I feel lame” list. But maybe by putting some of these out in the universe I’ll get more accomplished, big or small. What do you say, Universe?

  1. Grad School/Further Education
    – MFA in Creative Writing
    – Masters in Education
    – Zoology/Wildlife Education & Conservation
    Design (Chicago Portfolio School, 2 quarters 2011)
  2. Submit to Drawn & Quarterly
  3. Get a short story published in a literary magazine
  4. Start a small press (even if digital)
  5. Have a killer library
  6. Shark dive.  in the ocean. (with Discovery. On Shark Week.)
  7. Create educational material (for conservation)
  8. Visit Africa again
  9. Return to China (for at least another 3 months)
  10. Visit Finland
  11. Learn to sew (with a machine)
    – make an awesome dress
  12. Get a job doing: design, editing, writing
  13. Purchase membership to Shedd
  14. Attend AWP
  15. Write novel-length story
  16. Get a bike.  a pretty one.
  17. Own a scooter. (again: a pretty one.)
  18. Visit Brookfield Zoo
  19. Sing. in public. (and not karaoke)
  20. Live somewhere with a claw-foot tub
  21. Return to Meeting (aka, the Quaker term for Church) Again.
  22. Adopt a puppy
  23. Become bilingual (preferably with Chinese, ASL, or Finnish)
  24. Be a model on Project Runway for one of those special challenges
  25. Learn bass clarinet
  26. Solo on my euphonium in band: in rehearsal, in concert
  27. Be on staff of a literary magazine
  28. Have a creative studio (think: step up from a craft room)
  29. Perform with Mucca Pazza (danced on stage – San Diego 2011)
  30. Learn to cook my late stepmom’s potato soup (without a recipe)
  31. Adopt a child
  32. Give an elderly animal a forever home: dog, cat
  33. Make a quilt
  34. Write a book
  35. Self-publish an eBook
  36. Own a super nice juicer
  37. Learn how to ride a dirt bike/atv
  38. Visit NOLA
  39. Attend BiSC
  40. Go to a Bears game

The best thing about this list, though — I get to change it when ever I want.  These are just pixels, and if I’m not set in stone neither should my life list.  Once completed, I’ll strike them off.
(Original list created 4/24/10)