the entourage

These rockstars, ruffians, and comrades have a habit of appearing here….
so as to reduce some confusion, and in no particular order (than maybe appearance on Wench), these are some other folk you may have heard mentioned…

I mean, she’s my mom.
She’s freaking awesome and a major dork.
She stole my electric guitar and bass (which I stole from my brother) and is now rocking out in her praise band. She is also very easily amused by monkeys.
2 years older than me, and sort of my personal hero…. he’s my older brother.
He’s occasionally an idiot, which I say out of love — but I look up to him a lot and we’re still pretty close although we don’t see each other often.
He’s into fast cars, in real life and in video games. … Oh yeah, he’s been diabetic since 1996.
Lil G
This completely awesome and adorable girl is Timmy’s.
She’s amazingly smart and pretty funny as well. She knows all of the words to Rhianna’s Umbrella, can literally dance circles around anyone, and did I mention she’s damn cute?
i heart this girl.
Dad, Karen, & Cynthia
This would my dad and my stepmoms.Karen married my father back in 1993 or around then… Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2005. She passed away 5 October 2006.
Dad remarried to Cynthia on 6 September 2008. Cynthia’s a pretty brave woman in my opinion — taking on 4 at home daughters, two adult children and a granddaughter all in one go. But she’s been pretty awesome, and I’m glad to have her in my family.
The Girls (siblings)
While Dad and Karen were married, they had four girls… most of which are blond.
They consist of (from oldest to youngest): Hannah, Rachel, AbigalAnna, Lydia.
They’re all home schooled.
Also occasionally known as Chrissy… This rockstar and I became close friends our senior year of college.
She’s freaking awesome and all the boys like her (though well, it does mean dealing with a handful of douches and jerks).
If I have my way, she’ll be moving back to the city and we’ll have a kick ass apartment together.
We first met in college, and actually developed a closer friendship during our time in China together.
Mennogirl was also one of my roommates in the Northern Territories, before she moved down the alley. She unofficially became a member of my family by decree of Lil G during our 2008 summer vacation to Topsail Island, North Carolina.
Mennogirl can be found here:
The Girls (roommates)
Technically Mennogirl falls into this category. But anyway…
We technically have two different apartments, one right on top of the other…. but it’s a group thing I guess.
Becca – My actual roommate. Loves to bake. Loves Goats.
jrosei – We were roommates in China for a month or so… It’s not uncommon for her to switch into or between various accents.
Libby – We met our first year at college, both in the ASL classes… It wasn’t long before we figured out we’re practically on the same wavelength. Generally, awesomeness and craziness ensues. Oh. And she’s dating Zach, who’s pretty cool.
Dan & Adam
I met Dan first on this other website…. and through him I have met practically half of the city. Well, maybe not, but I’ve met quite a few people through him, including Adam.
These are both amazing guys and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with each of them.
Dani, Meaghan & Tasneem
These crazy ladies work with me at the research-1 university. Shenanigans and giggling always ensues with this group, but it’s always a great time. These are the girls who like to tease me about being “boy crazy”… whatevs.
So every week or so I go down to the Southern Lands of Pilsen and join in some merriment with a wonderful group of people. There’s food, wine, and always great conversations. And occasionally the snakes come out too!
Potluck generally consists of these regulars: Nick & Dmitri (the hosts), Karissa, Frank, Paul, Eric, Ariadne, Dan, Adam, Sara, Sandy… and possibly a few more that I can’t remember off the top of my head.
Reading Band
So at least once a month I get together with these crazy people and we read music and joke around. It’s pretty awesome.
The Reading Band welcomes all musicians, but here are few that come pretty often/I’ve gotten to know: Mark Messing (yes, of Mucca Pazza), Andy B, Andy T, Tabs, Jim McB — and few others, including some occasionally MP kids: Elanor, Paul, Andy D…
Since there’s always new people, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them… but I’ve been working with Mark, Andys B & T, and Tabs on some other projects too.
The reading band can also be found here:

I’m not meaning to leave some people out, creating riffs and hurt feelings and all… If you think you (or someone else) should be on here, then say so.