the kitties…

The Kittens.

sometimes they don't share
sometimes they don't share

Two sisters that were rescued from under an abandoned trailer.
First they had to deal with tape worm, then ring worm, and being confined to my bedroom… these kittens have energy — but are healthy and happy now.
They enjoy cuddling and fighting, sometimes simultaneously.
They were born in late April 2008.

Kaija the timid

Definitely more timid and will take time to get used to new people.
Enjoys chewing on books, papers, shoes, and toes.
Resembles a muppet.
Enjoys burrowing under blankets.
Doesn’t know when to give up, especially when it comes to being on the desk.
Known aliases: Kai, Boob Snagger, KaiBaby, Munchkin Head, Muppet

Tuija the loud


Cuddle whore and attention seeker.
Loves the sound of her own voice.
Has a great knack for reaching the highest point in a room.
Likes to run and perform amazing aerial acrobatics.
Doesn’t quite understand the concept of being still.
Known aliases: Tuis, Crotch Kitty, Tu-doodles, Munchkin head

wee little beastie
wee little beastie

Is Rini’s, but lives with her mother.
Talks.  Will almost always respond to his name, or a sneeze.
Has no fear.  mostly…
Will break through a screen window to attack other cats.
Loves his Dexter.
Is awesome.
Doesn’t care to sit on people’s laps.
Likes eating dog food.
Enjoys spinning the water bowl.
Known Aliases: BearBear, Lunchbox, Piss head, wee little beastie, Tubs of Fun, Yoda, Jabba the Fatt, Buddha, Beelzetubs

Dexter the doodle
Dexter the doodle

Is not a cat — but is Rini’s dog, who also lives with her mother.
Is a collie-lab-shepherd mix.
Has dreads.
Doesn’t bark much.
Likes to cuddle.
Wrestles with his Bear… or sits on him.
Loves destroying squeaky toys.
Best. Dog. Ever.
Known Aliases: Dex, DexiDoodles, Doodles, Boodle, Puppy, Boos, Bubba, DexterBoo, DoodleBoo, DexterBoodle, Handsome Boy

Lucyfur the spineless
Lucyfur the spineless

My former roommate Becca’s cat.
Missing some teeth.
Has bald spots on her head.
Known for being flopsy.
Squeaks — doesn’t meow.
Is twitchy.
Doesn’t quiet care for the kittens.
Known Aliases: Lucy, Pisspants Grumbleface

Thumpalina the huge
Thumpalina the huge

Belongs to jrosei (and previously, Mennogirl)
Has a royalty complex and is known for being flatulent.
Has no shame.
Trots. and is jiggly.
Will begin licking if you scratch her spine.
Is pissy.
Known Aliases: Thumpalina, Poe, Kitty, Upstairs Kitty